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Nothing added. Nothing taken away.

Ready-to-drink with over 850 wild blueberries in every bottle and 140 berries per serving. Enjoy daily as part of a healthy diet.

Using a patented process with TEKMASH technology , the whole berry (juice + peel, seed and pulp) is used to create this antioxidant-rich, whole fruit purée.

Consume by itself, or use as an ingredient to enhance your favourite recipe!

Superfruit Puree

If the wild blueberry is only half the size of the cutivated berry, how can they contain twice the amount of antioxidants?

The majority of the antioxidants are located in the skin of the berry.

A cup of wild blueberries contain twice as much blueberry skin as does a cup of the larger cultivated blueberries.

And twice the amount of blueberry skin equals twice the amount of antioxidants.

Source: PEI Wild Blueberries

SUPERFRUIT PURÉe is an antioxidant powerhouse, low in calories and sugar, and high in natural nutrients!